Trannyshack UK - The Photo Book
By James Andrew Yardley

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

J u e r g e n   T e l l e r
V i c t o r i a   B e c k h a m   f o r  M a r c   J a c o b s 
S p r i n g / S u m m e r   2 0 0 8 

Juergen Teller is a german born, world renowned Fashion Photographer, who is now based in England. He began his career in photography by building his way up the social ladder, photographing famous celebrities such as Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista. Until eventually he began working for fashion magazines such as i-D and The Face.

My favourite piece of Teller's work in the past was the Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 campaign, in which VB was put in various different situations such as climbing out of bags and boxes and also posing as a mannequin/doll. The idea behind this work was actually taken from the french fashion photographer Guy Boudin, who photographed models in a raw/crude yet fashionable taste, the meaning behind Boudin and Tellers work was to mock in these photographs, the idea you can become exactly what you're wearing and also the idea you can buy a new you. The concept is based more on art than on fashion, giving it a deeper and more profound meaning, he uses his 35mm point and shoot camera, to mock Marc Jacobs, to mock Victoria Beckham, to mock to the viewer and more importantly to mock Fashion itself. 

When these campaign shots were first introduced to the pages of magazines such as Vogue etc world wide, a lot of people questioned Teller, Jacobs and Beckham for their almost crazy perception on the campaign, a lot of people also mocked it, however because of their ignorance to not looking any deeper into the campaign they missed a fantastic set shots, and more importantly missed the point of the campaign completely. I personally love these shots, and I think I will continue to be a fan of Juergen Teller's work for many years to come.

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