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By James Andrew Yardley

Sunday, 26 April 2009

L  a  d  y    G  a  g  a  

A   M o d e r n   D a y   W a r h o l ? 

I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga's and to most people I speak to they think she's just an attention seeking Popstar, however I feel if you look deeper you begin to see a woman who isn't interested in becoming a Popstar she's interested in becoming a world Icon. 

" W a r h o l   w o u l d   h a v e   L o v e d   Y o u " 

On her last visit to London she upped the pace and began Photographing the Paparazzi while they photographed her using the idea of irony and playing with the idea of 'Fame' again like Warhol did all his life, she also mentioned in the video below, using the power of imagery and photography, she began carrying around a single purple tea cup and saucer everywhere she went, until the media finally picked up on this and started producing articles on the subject. She also makes all of her music video's very graphic and artistic including photography, art and the essense of Warhol, the withdrawn/banned video of 'Love Game',  withdrawn from certain countries because of it being 'far too explicit', I have included a version of the song below, and could not use the official video due to Youtube restrictions.

 The Guardian - Go to 3:49  in the Video above to view the quote 


Lady Gaga - Love Game


Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

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