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By James Andrew Yardley

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

S e m i o t i c s
R o l a n d   B a r t h e s

Semiotics, also called semiology or semiotic studies, is the study of sign processes, both individually and also grouped together in systems of symbols. It includes the study of how meaning is constructed and understood in humans. Semiotics are included in everything and are considered vital in communication.

Semiotics can be very important also in the world of Art, in Photographic pieces different symbols and different images can give the various viewers totally different feelings towards a piece of Art.

Roland Barthes born in 12 November 1915 and died in 25 March 1980, Roland Barthes's wrote the semiotic book Mythologies, the book centered around the idea of interrogating various pieces of cultural material to expose (to society) how society used them to assert its values upon others. In The Fashion industry Roland Barthes showed how this abuse of signs could easily be translated into words and showed how the industry were using Semiotics to in pact on their customers. In this work he explained how in the fashion industry any word could be transformed with idealistic emphasis. For example Barthes pointed out, if trends in fashion say that a ‘blouse’ is ideal for a certain situation or event, this idea is immediately accepted as truth, even though the actual sign could just as easily be changed with any other item in the Fashion Industry for example a ‘shirt’, ‘vest’ or any other fashion item. 

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