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By James Andrew Yardley

Sunday, 9 May 2010

p o l a r o i d
s x - 7 0

After chatting to a friend from back 'ome in the midlands, I decided to scan in and upload my old 600 polaroid shots. Because I didn't have the money at the time for actual sx-70 film, I adapted 600 film which is no longer available at a reasonable price and I used two different filters with the film.

Anyway, I shot random things such as landscapes and flowers. Which is sooooooo not my usual style, however I like the results anyway. Here's some of my favorites. enJOY.

Just a little technical legal thing I'm supposed to do and apparently haven't been doing since the start of this blog.

© All polaroids like my digital images on this blog belong to myself 'James Andrew Yardley' Please do not use or reproduce without requesting my permission first. Thank youuu :)

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