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By James Andrew Yardley

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

P i n k
N a r c i s s u s

On the 29th I attended a screening of 'Pink Narcissus' by the infamous James Bidgood at the Tate Modern here in my 'new' home town London, made over a fairly long period of time it's a story based around a male prostitute called Bobby Kendall (Barbie Ken Doll maybe?) and his erotic yet beautiful dreams and fantasies while alone in his apartment. It was to say the least a brilliant film, Bidgood who still refers to the film as his 'Mangled masterpiece' due to the overall editing of the film that was out of his control certainly made a classic and an amazing piece of work.

I'd advise anyone to find this film and see it asap, and at £4 a ticket for what is definitely a masterpiece it's a complete bargain rather than paying £12 for some box office bollocks, and plus it tends to attract some gorgeous men to the venue too! Always a bonus.

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