Trannyshack UK - The Photo Book
By James Andrew Yardley

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

M y
N e w
P h o t o g r a p h y
F l a t
M a t e

Say hello to my dear friend and new flat mate Eric Phillips (far right, below) I met him just a few months ago on my Photography course and he nows lives with me and my other flat mate David. So now there's two Photography and one fashion student living under one roof, below if our first mess around and photo shoot together.

The concept and Photography was all done by Eric, the clothes including the fabulous double decker dicky bow was done by Dav and the makeup by little old me.

Visit Eric's fabulous flickr below

Click on the photo above for a larger version

And below is a self portrait photo by myself, I fell in love with these weirdly shaped eyebrows.

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